Through Yin Yoga, Guided Meditation and Accupuncture w/Terree Sheilds and Leanne Mitchell 
Saturday, August 26th, 2-4pm
$50 if registered by August 19th, $60 after.
This 2 hour event will begin with 1 hour of yin-yasa yoga with Terree, for gentle vinyasa flow combined with restoration and rejuvenation. We will gently transition into an extended shivasana with guided meditation for a deepend connection to ourselves.
Licensed acupuncture physician, Leanne Mitchell will provide shared group acupuncture with focus on the extraordinary Du Mai meridian associated with strength and courage, the motive force to move forward!
Experience the deepening effects of these combined practices to support the body and mind to align into perfect health. Participants can expect a safe space that supports and encourages the depth of relaxation that can be truly transformational.


We feel it as time seemingly stands still, when we’re deep into an amazingly personal yoga practice and our bodies seem to move effortlessly from one asana to another.

We experience it as our thoughts become super clear, when we’re actively practicing stillness in meditation.

We experience it as all forces of manifestation and abundance seem to converge and go with our flow, when we’re performing our favorite sport or the work we love and we’re in our ‘zone’.

We experience it as love and an open heart, when we’re in the presence of those other beings we choose to spend our quality time with.

We know when we’re experiencing this alignment, because our emotions indicate that we feel good! We feel healthy. We feel a sense of worthiness. We’re full of vitality. We’re eager about life. We feel love, loving, and loved. This is where we all want to be as much as possible. This is why we make all of the choices we make, to experience these feelings and emotions over and over again.

We can consciously put more effort into being in this space of alignment, of feeling good.

We can choose to deliberately seize the opportunity to appreciate our circumstances or situations every chance we get, no matter how small or large a task that is – and then we can milk it, experiencing these pure positive feelings and emotions more often and longer.

We can train ourselves to choose to align vibrationally with Source Energy as often as we like.

When we are lying in our bed at night, we can prepare for our slumber by setting our vibrational tone of appreciation. We can choose to think about and appreciate the components that make up our day: our invigorating regular yoga practice that stimulates the energy centers of our bodies, that awakens every neuron of the apparatus of our minds; our simple food choices that nourish every cell of our bodies and keep our physical apparatus strong; the fresh blossoms that offer such a pleasant aroma, the butterflies that instinctively perform a mating dance above those same blossoms; the pleasant relationships we’ve secured that we encounter throughout your day, etc.

We can choose to take these deliberate thoughts of wonder and appreciation into our slumber, into your dreams… and then re-awaken to them.

Upon awakening, we can actively, with awareness, add more beautiful thoughts of appreciation; the birds chirping, the sun rising… We can take this list of appreciation into our day and keep exploring it, keep adding to it whenever we think about it, whenever we find more beauty, more wonder, more amazement. It’s offered to us everywhere, in all circumstances.

An ever-expanding aura of positive energy surrounds us, and merges with the energy of those fortunate enough to come into our presence. And those fortunate enough to be drawn to our presence are also emitting a similar vibrational tone; like attracts like, their energy is drawn to yours and your energy is drawn to theirs.

In all situations, there is always something to be found to appreciate, to align our vibrational tone with the pure positive vibrational tone of Source Energy. From this space, all manifestation originates.

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