Sep 15-17, 2017, 9-6pm each day
Cost: $795 includes, manual, cd, and certificate!
Sign up by August 22nd and save $100!

The Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training Program is for anyone who loves working with children. The course will provide fun filled, engaging ideas that are beneficial for kids of all ages. Experience our interactive yoga asanas, yoga with songs, creative breathing, visualizations and relaxation techniques for leading a successful children’s yoga class. Over 500 yoga poses, partner poses, group poses, activities, and age-appropriate games for Toddlers thru Teens! Join us and become a child all over again as you learn, practice, teach, discuss, laugh and play in this extraordinary training workshop.

FEE: $795, which includes a certificate of course completion, the KKY Teacher Training Manual with over 450 poses, the KKY “Come Play Yoga!” CD to use in your classes, a listing on our website, and the opportunity to observe/assist our classes in NY! Visit the Karma Kids Yoga website at for more info. Space is limited! To register for the KKY teacher training, click here.


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  1. Meagen Walsh says:

    Hello Cora and Moksha Yoga Studio!
    I wanted to extend a “Thank you!!” first, for providing a Yoga studio that is so amazing! My friends, Cheryl & Khari Taustin and Cory Adelstein directed me towards your studio and I have loved every class you have to offer. Sadly, I live up in Maryland and have NOT found a studio anything like Moksha. I am very interested in studying and learning the different styles of yoga through your studio.(if possible)Do you ever offer a certification for adults in the Summer? Please keep my email on any mailing list and up-date notices as I look forward to having a reason to visit sunny Florida again!
    Wishing you were located in the cold state of Maryland,
    Meagen 😉

  2. Terree says:

    Teacher Training at Moksha was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences I have had. I went into the training just knowing that I wanted to deepen my own practice, which I truly did. During the training, I discovered that I really want to teach and share the gift of yoga with everyone I can. The training has given me a solid foundation of knowledge to begin the journey of teaching and sharing yoga. Thank you!!

  3. Jennifer Haas says:

    When I found the Moksha Yoga Studio (or it found me) almost 4 years ago, I was searching for the answers to some of life’s toughest questions. What I have discovered here is that along with an incredible way to stay physically fit, I have learned how to be vulnerable to the beauty and wonders of self discovery. Each day that I come to the studio, the essence of peacefulness in the studio enables me to connect with my mind, body, and spirit. To deepen this self discovery and connection even further, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in Moksha Yoga’s Teacher Training program in the fall of 2011. This inspiring and rewarding experience has given me many of the life tools I have been searching for. With incredibly loving, supportive teacher’s to guide me, I have been blessed with an authentic fundamental introduction to a beautiful, deep rooted tradition that I am eager to share with the world. Along with the best community of Yogi’s I have ever known, Moksha Yoga Studio is a warm, non-competitive, safe, inviting space where I feel lucky to practice and continue my journey of love and devotion, both as a student and as a teacher.

  4. I have taken many teacher trainings in the past since I have been teaching yoga since 1998 and I have to say, really this is the best teacher training I have ever taken. I was really impressed and proud of my friends Barbara and Cora. The spiritual conversations and discussions on the sutras helped me clarify some of the philosophy. Being a massage therapist I thought they did a superb job explaining the anatomy. Also, I thought their breaking down of the ashtanga, and vinyasa system was very well done. I loved their manual, the illustrations, and the explanation of poses and the history. I think this is a book every yoga teacher should have. I recommend this program to anybody that wants to take his or her practice to a deeper level or anybody that wants to share this beautiful path and become a yoga instructor. They know the responsability they have in helping you spread yoga into the world, and they will make sure you are knowledgable enough and confident to become a teacher.

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